Thursday, March 24, 2011

recitals of school learnt rhymes

Rohith is going to his toddler class.This is thrice a week.He started his schooling at the month of 18.The main reason to send him to school, was-he was alone at home.I wanted him to mingle with others and learn some basic manners.This was fulfilled by this attempt.Now a days,he started to play with others and share with others.He enjoys his school days and started to speak good english.These are some rhymes thought at school.


  1. I think he enjoy the School..he is Having a great ethu while he sings...So Sweet ...Enn(Rohit) Thangam.....Pattuikku oru 100000 Kiissses
    Good Job Savi Mummy

  2. Hi Savitha...there's an award galore waiting for you in my space.....plz accept it !

  3. So cute... loved his Rhymes.. Room-la nadanthukittae solraaru.. chooo sweet.

    btw.. loved all the stuffed toys on the sofa..
    Nanum collect pannuvaen.. :-))

    All the very best to Rohit.

  4. wish u and ur family a very happy diwali !!!sooo cutee...loved all the rhymes daughter has started going to Jr KG......she too keeps on singing the nursery rhymes all the time !!!

  5. wow he rocks,so cute...Wonderful page savitha,i tot to do it long for my daughter but didnt get time...keep rocking:)