Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Rohith's Writing skills

Rohith started writing at his 2 1/2  age.I was very much concerned,as he will not sit at one place.I worked hard to make him sit at one place.If he wants to sit, I have to offer him few gems,chocolates or his favourite game .I used to finish all my house chores ,by 6 pm and then sit with him for an hour.I am following this till now,but there are some exceptions like,his father coming soon.Then there will be only playing time.But there are lot of preparation time ,to make him sit.
I have to first read his favourite book etc,some how mesmerize him and then he will sit for writing.

These hard work paid me off after a month.He writes A,B,c,D fully on his own. I am training him for 123,tamil letters.He can tell everything,but to write is a big job for him.But nothing is easy,untill we put some effort.But we shudnt leave a gap .I was in hospital for 2 days and recovered late.These things made rohith lazy in writing.Again I am struggling to get him back to form.

So the moral of the story is guys,keep trying ,u will succeed at last.Never ever give can be moulded to our shape,if we spend some time with them.


  1. Savitha,

    Really amazed at Rohith's skills. He's blessed to have a Mommy like you. It's all fruits of your dedication dear. I'm feeling guilty I have not been able to devote so much time to my kids to make them sit and write. Although they can orally recite so many things. As I spend most of our time together while I do my chores, recite rhymes, numbers, colours, opposite and many such. Recently making it a point to sit with them to write for atleast 1/2 an hour...


  2. haiyyaa ! started writing in marker board. good rohith!

  3. Wow.. love this blog.. it helps new moms like me and also its such a treasure to be saved.. Rohit will love this blog when he grows big and one day be proud of his mom who showed the world his capabilities age by age.

  4. Thank u friends.
    @ Seema,at times I used to feel like u said.But ,when we sit again and start from the scratch,then our guilt passes away like a cloud.

    @ Asiya mam thank u.

    @ Rachu,its great to hear ur comments and that too from u,its something I cherish.I love ur blog a lot and u rock.

  5. Wow.. great to know that.. Yes, you are absolutely right.. Our patience with the children pays off the best..!

    Thanks for sharing your moments with us.. :-))

  6. Really Good. Only the mother contributes a lot to the children's growth. We are doing nothing.

  7. Good to hear about Rohit.
    I have been there and done it all. My son is a gifted kid too though he is not as young as your son now. :)He is 12. My son could read words by 2 and by 4, he could do mental math. He would add and subtract in thousands with out a paper. By 8, he could learn HTML and he is the one who did all the technical work involved in my blog when I statred it four years ago. Even last year, when he was in 6th grade, he used to go early to join the junior high kids to learn math since he has been always atleast 2 classes ahead in Math. Now he is learning 9 th grade math. :)He has been always scoring 99% percentile (not percent). Touch wood.
    Lot of my time and energy went behind it but I truely appreciate and cherish each moment of it. What I can tell you from my experience is this.
    Yes, your patience and constant support are essential for your kid. Gifted kids are born with self motivational skills and it is hard to match up their tenacity/learning abilities and we must be constantly on our toes to be able to match with them. I was a highschool math teacher back in India, LOL. :)
    You can teach him while playing with out even making him realise that he is learning. I see that you are working on his writing skills now. You can make him write a few letters at a time and let him go. Before teaching him simple words and their spellings, try to teach him the sounds of the alphabets. It would be then easier for him to come up with spellings of rhyming words when you teach him a word.For example, if you teach him the word "cat", he would naturally come up with the rhyming words, if he knows what letters make what sounds.
    I would definitely check out this space regularly for future updates and also see if I can add anything else.
    However I know each kid is different and I am happy for your kid. Keep supporting him to bloom and enjoy.:)

  8. Savitha,hats off to you dear....really great....
    As Rachs said,ur son will be very proud of you...

  9. Hi.. new to your blog.. I'm a new mom(4 1/2 months old baby)... like your blog very much and getting to know what to expect in future :).. Rohit is so brilliant!.. writing the alphabets in this age.. your hard work is proving itself.. Congratulations on that!